21 Jan January 21, 2016

Portland SEO Pros

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Portland SEO Pros

SEO is a constantly shifting landscape. And that means you can be on the top of the search engines for years but find yourself slipping in the results everyday. Portland SEO pros, like All Media, spends a lot of their time keeping up with these changes so you can focus on your business.

What’s working and what’s not in the world of search engine optimization? Well, first you need to have a solid foundation to have a competitive advantage and hope to be found on page one of Google and the other search engines. That means your website must be designed correctly. So, let’s spend a few minutes talking about what that means.

Search Engine Optimization Basics

Each of your website pages needs to be focused on one keyword phrase. That begins with the title of the page. Use the keyword for best results. And all of the content on the page must be relevant to that. In other words, the written content must be about your target keyword. For example, if the page is about residential roofing repair then your content needs to be just about that. You don’t want to have written content about the types of roofs or all of the different materials used for roofing. ¬†Just focus on giving good information to your reader about repairing the roof on their home. This also means you want to have a picture and a video about this topic. Be sure to name the picture with your chosen keyword.

Next, add one link to an authority site on the same topic. Finally, make sure your website is also mobile friendly. A responsive design will automatically display properly on all devices. But, if you do not have a mobile version of your website or a responsive design you can have one connected seamlessly to your current website. You will be rewarded with better rankings and conversions. Go here to find out if you’re Mobile friendly.

So, to summarize, name your webpages based on the keyword you are targeting. This is what is called the Title Tag in SEO. Then be sure to have all content (written, pictures, videos) centered on that one keyword. Have one link going out to an authority site. And, don’t forget to have a mobile version of your website.

All Media are Portland SEO pros that can help you with these fixes if needed. Just give us a call.