Mobile Tester

Mobile is everything today! Well, almost. Have you seen Google’s new mobile tester?  It’s FREE. So see if your business passes their test.

Click here for the Google Mobile Test  tool.

Any business serious about staying connected to their target audience, growing their revenue and market share will have a mobile friendly website. Fortunately, we do not have to guess.

Google has provided a new and awesome FREE TOOL. All you have to do is enter in your website address and click ANALYZE and they will tell you if your website is mobile optimized or not. Just in case you’re wondering Google rewards you if your website is mobile friendly.

Mobile Website Tool

Go here to use the Google Mobile Test  and see for yourself.

Adding a mobile friendly website is not just smart business. It’s absolutely critical. Just think about how you use your phone to search for local businesses online. Imagine doing a Google search on your mobile phone for a place to eat lunch. Let’s assume you’re craving mexican food and you are in Seattle, WA. What do you normally do? You probably search for mexican food seattle or, if you’re location services is turned on, you just type in mexican food.

And immediately you have results. After looking at their star ratings probably you click on one of their website links. Here’s where a lot of businesses are still missing the boat.  Instead of getting an easy to read screen with one click to call or one click for directions to the restaurant you get a smaller hard to read version of their regular website. Most people will not click or scroll around for more than two seconds (literally, you know what I mean) before they go to the next restaurant in the listings.

You want your mobile website to be easily seen on their phone’s screen. They should be able to see your business name, and just a few simple buttons. One should allow them to click to call. Another should let them click for directions. You can also have photos, links to your YouTube channel or Facebook page.

Use the Mobile Tester on Websites Now

Check out these mobile sites on your mobile phone to see for yourself. And compare them to their desktop versions.

Mobile Tester